Five Paws

These accommodations are Five-Paw!

It's a five-paw resort with everything but
mints on the pillow.

Boarding your dog or cat doesn't have to be stressful for either of you. Forget cages and pens. Animal Lodge has "Comfy Creature Cabins" - beautifully designed with A-frame roofs, windows, and even some with televisions and web cams. Each cabin has plenty of elbow room and a comfy bed with fresh bedding. Many cabins even boast outside access to their own backyard. The lodging area is filled with natural light, and many cabins have an exterior window. Best of all, the animals in daycare or boarding have 24-hour access to our hospital's veterinarians and are professionally supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Digital aquarium. Sun perches.
This is definitely the cat's meow.

No time for a long letter, I'm busy at the spa.

Felines are finicky about where they spend their days. So we've created the most plush boarding facility possible. A digital aquarium gives them an "ocean view" with luxurious sun perches located "just so", and personal free roaming time makes them feel like royalty. This kitty spa even offers bird-watching — with feeders strategically placed right outside the window.